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1 Down 4 Up gear shift pattern

Ever imagined “Why nowadays motorcycles comes with 1 Down 4 Up gear shift pattern instead of normal all up type gear boxes?”

This topic has always grab attention of biker’s enthusiasts that why in almost all new bikes the gear boxes are becoming “1 Down 4 Up gear shift pattern” or “1 Down 5 Up gear shift pattern”. It has been seen that sequential gear boxes are favorite for motor cycles as they occupies less space and makes it easy to change gear while riding.

While earlier these sequential type gear boxes were having a changing sequence of all gear up type, which is nowadays replaced to 1 down 4 up gear shift pattern. Reason behind this change is both ergonomics and technical.

Since if one is willing to reduce the speed to lowest, then rider has to lower the gear to 1st gear. While riding a bike with all UP type changing sequence bike, it may happened that rider ends up in Neutral, and in most of the cases he/she will be thinking that bike is in first gear and when throttles results are nothing else than a roaring engine, resulting in an irritation and a panic change of gear and throttling which may results into an accident.

Also 2 and gear results into enough torque generation to the rear wheel that it can start moving the bike so keeping 1 st gear down will create no major difference except of a slower pickup for rider with habit of all up type changing sequence.

One will easily connect through this facts by riding bikes with different type of gear boxes. Suggested bikes are Honda Shine for all Up type gear changing sequence and Honda CBF Stunner for 1 Down 4 Up gear shift pattern.

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